Tremco ME315 Black Total Protection Tape

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UV resistant air tight tape, has a modified acrylic adhesive. It shows high adhesion strength and very high tack combined with superior ageing and weatherability performance. The adhesion to a very wide range of surfaces is excellent, including low energy substrates (e.g. PE, PP and non-woven materials). In addition this adhesive is APEO-free (volatile solvents). 6740 is ideally suited to joining membranes to wooden framework to create an airtight environment both inside and outside. This tape is based on a 2 year UV durable (European Climate) face films and are used for use externally. The LDPE diagonal scrim and the high adhesive coat weight gives this product flexibility and excellent adhesion to many surfaces including low energy substrates. The scrim component in the adhesive allows stretch/yield across the web, the scrim along the length prevents stretch in the liner plane which allows the contractor to tightly wind the tape and conform it into difficult surfaces, ie on windows, around pipes and crevices etc.,

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