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Sealing adhesive tape GERBAND 350

Impermeable membrane for air-and windproof sealing of connection joints on windows and doors.

Can be plastered over. GERBAND sk 350 features a very strong self-adhesive tape strip for

easy application to windows. It is used on the warm side of the building - that is, on the inside.

Specifications: Base material: 3-layer film/nonwoven composite, flexible, resistant to tears and tear

propagation, strong vapour barrier, waterproof, can be plastered over. - Thickness: .3 +/- .1 mm -

Surface weight: 140 +/- 15g/m2 - Type of adhesive (sk feature): polyacrylate - SD value (DIN EN ISO

12572): 50m - Tensile strength, longitudinal (DIN 53571): 13.4 N/mm2 - Tensile strength, transverse

(DIN 53571): 7.1 N/mm2 - Elongation at break, longitudinal (DIN 53571): 57% N/mm2 - Elongation at

break, transverse (DIN 53571): 50% N/mm2 - Bandwidth: 75mm to 300mm - Roll length: 30m

Sealing adhesive tape GB 350 sk 75mm x 30m, impermeable. Sealing adhesive tape GB 350 sk 100mm x 30m, impermeable.

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Sealing adhesive tape GERBAND 350sk

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